"I noticed such a difference with having a coach verse the first time I tried keto on my own using Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook as a source of information and inspiration. With Keto Buddies I had accountability to Vanessa and she was accountable to me, and got great information and ate correctly so that I didn't turn around and binge eat because I wasn't doing it right,  I was never able to be consistent before and I couldn't get through 28 days before! I loved the self-reflection, and the ability to record how I was feeling in the App and that it wasn't just about the weight loss. My energy and moods improved greatly, I feel so much better, I'm so happy I did this and I will continue with the coaching as I know I have a past experience that impacts my relationship with food and the extra level of support and habit change is helping me. Thank you" 

- Emma

"I turned to Keto Buddies because I was at a loss of how to move forward.

I’ve tried everything and whilst I’ve had some results in the past nothing stuck. Nothing made long term sustainable change.

I knew Vanessa through previous employment, I trusted her, I believed in her integrity and I could see her own example.

When I began the process I purposefully didn’t weigh myself. This was not about the number.  It was about physical change, mental clarity, reduction in back pain,  and a vision that I wanted for my self in the future. Vanessa has helped me formulate my vision of what I am becoming. After 3 months I’m making changes daily and my new way of being is healthier and grounded in my vision of what I want for myself.  I’ve never once felt like I was on a diet, nor have I ever felt deprived. What I have learned has been life-changing and for the first time in my life I know I can feel and look different.  This photo is proof of the change.  It’s not just the shape, it’s everything.  The changes are subtle and at times obvious.  Less back pain, clear skin, clarity of mind, better sleep, less stress (in the most stressful time of my life), more control, less bloating, strong nails, less inflammation and a clear roadmap of how to keep going.

This program has saved my health. Something we have all been shown is really everything!

Thanks Ness xx" - Jo

"I dropped a pant size in 1 week! Vanessa's personal method is soo good and keeps me going even on hard days. Her app is great and her meal plan and method so different. I've tried keto before but never like this. "

"Reduced panic attacks, better sleep, never hungry, supported and accountable this is unlike any diet I've been on before, it is honestly not a diet, Vanessa has this worked out for us, she has our back."

- Annie


" This can't be a diet, I'm never hungry, and I've ditched the scale. Vanessa's method is unlike anything I've done before. I'm shrinking, my mind is focused, I know my WHY, I've learned so much I'm making decisions as future me now!"

"I'm a vegetarian, I'm 70 years old and Vanessa has been able to coach me with variations to her programme that work for me. I'm losing weight, fewer aches and pains! Guess its never too late to make a change for your health. I wanted my next chapter to be on my terms! Thank you"

- Melissa

- Zoe

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