I'm Vanessa Armstrong, a health and weight loss accountability coach -

with a personal journey of weight loss and health gains. I specialise in keto & low carb.

About Vanessa

Hi, I'm Vanessa; I'm a certified health and weight loss accountability coach passionate to help those suffering like I was. I had been obese for most of my adult life, I had tried every diet known to women ( and we find them all!), and nothing was sustainable!

Following the traditional advice to eat less and move more that did not work for my body, I could eat lettuce and gain weight! I felt resigned to being overweight with little hope of change...to make a long story shorter; my life changed when I went searching for medical help for my mother, who was 68 years old, type 2 diabetic, obese, on insulin, on metformin and a cocktail of other pharmaceutical drugs, on oxygen, in a wheelchair and in and out of the hospital with Type 2 Diabetes complications.

In a desperate attempt to not lose both parents in one year, I went searching for medical expertise to help my mom, who felt she was destined to be dead by spring. I flew home to Canada and spent a month with my mom, cleaned out her pantry/fridge/freezer, cooked a three month supply of food to leave with her, and I returned to Australia hoping for a miracle. If I was going to ask my mom to go way outside her comfort zone, I thought I should support her and do the same, and I began to live a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. Within 45 days, my mom was off her insulin injections, oxygen, and out of the wheelchair. She was able to move and walk better than she had for the past ten years, she was losing weight, and her doctors were over the moon with her turnaround.

Before I started, I had plantar fasciitis in both feet, I had arthritis in my right hand, skin tags, constantly tired, and often ill with colds and chest congestion, and I was always hungry. I didn't know what it was like to be full.  Today I am pain-free, very rarely catch a cold, I've lost about 45kilos/100 pounds, I'm by no means an Instagram model, but I'm real, and I'm winning, and I want others to win as well. I've taken all my lessons and education and designed my own method that heals body, mind and heart in a manner that is different from every other diet out there. This was important because as good as a keto or low carb lifestyle is, it will fail you if you do not address what is in your head and heart. We need to be a different person when we reach our goals; otherwise, we will fail and revert to old beliefs and habits.

I have passionately designed my programmes to focus 20% on the food and 80% on what goes on in our head and heart. My method allows you to never feel deprivation, to release beliefs that no longer serve you, to begin being your best version of yourself even before you feel you have achieved it! This is not your 'standard' keto coaching programme, and I'm not your standard keto coach; I've been you! I actually don't sell or teach just keto; you can google that! What we do together is release what is holding you back, and that is more than just the weight!

I have a few resources for you to discover :

My FREE 5 Critical Steps to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss Masterclass click through and you can watch instantly for free.

Do you know that you thrive with accountability and support when trying to make a lifestyle or health change? Sound like you

Keto Buddies Squad - this is my accountability membership. You are supported through the 3-2-1 of 'lazy' keto method of eating and building your plates, with weekly group accountability zoom calls designed with my success framework. Foundation membership is $99.00 a month with the bonus of my 3-2-1 'Lazy' Keto Workshop included. Cancel anytime. The Keto Buddies SQUAD Membership details - a no brainer really!

Not really into the group thing? Want to go at an accelerated pace, love everything personalised just to you, perhaps have a more complicated relationship with food or your body? Then you are likely someone who values and benefits from a one to one coaching experience. Let's chat to help you figure out what is right for you. Click here and see if my signature Claim Your New Body and Mind 12 Week Coaching Programme might be right for you.

If you are tired of all the diet industry noise, if you want to truly do it differently, I invite you to get curious, I know this can be life-changing and I invest my heart and soul in helping you to achieve the life you desire and deserve. I want Keto Buddies Health and Life Coaching to be the last Google search you ever need to do around your desire to release weight.

Unsure about what's right for you? I understand; let's chat; it is a safe, non-salesy experience; I promise, the call is with me, and it is free. You can book on my calendar by CLICKING HERE

With Love, Ness

A keto coach with a difference!

All Coaching Via Zoom Australia & Worldwide

My services are most effective for those who experience one or more of the following:  

  • Suffering emotionally, physically and perhaps even financially due to body weight
  • Lacking confidence due to physical size 
  • Unable to play with your children or grandchildren, robbing them of childhood memories
  • Struggling with fertility
  • Suffering from PCOS
  • What worked for you to lose weight in your 20's, 30's and beyond no longer works
  • Impacting relationships, lack of confidence for 'sexy time' with your partner
  • Lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver, high blood pressure, obesity
  • Considering weight loss surgery
  • Gaining belly weight due to menopause
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver
  • All coaching is Via Zoom

join the kb squad

Your monthly accountability membership

Only $99.00 a month

I'm excited to share my announcement, it has taken a while but it's REAL AND READY TO GO.....I hope you will be joining the Keto Buddies Squad! 


Here are some details for the founding member offer.  


Let me know if any of this does not make sense - writing and marketing is not my strong suit!

Keto Buddies Squad is all about community, recognition, ACCOUNTABILITY, being REAL and lots of FUN!  The membership will support and encourage you to release your unwanted weight using Keto Buddies simple and sustainable 3-2-1 of ‘Lazy’ Keto Mini-Workshop Method.  


Why am I launching the Keto Buddies Squad?

 I’m launching the KB Squad to address three key needs that have come up in my coaching practice. In my one-to-one coaching, I choose to limit my capacity to 13 clients at a time. One to one coaching is a very personal exchange between coach and client, and in order to help more people who are asking for a different approach, I need to offer a group solution.

The second need that has come to light, is that not everyone wants or needs one to one coaching, but they still want a level of support to improve their health and release weight in a healthy sustainable way.

There is a group of people that are curious about keto or low carb but have been confused by the vast amount of conflicting information available, (who wouldn’t be!) there are people who recognise that accountability and community get you results faster than going it alone.

And the third need is that my past clients, who complete their one-to-one time with me, still want community and accountability. While many continue for many cycles in one-to-one coaching as their preference, others are happy for a lower level of support to help track weekly or monthly goals and get on with their journey.

So, to help more people to improve their health and happiness, I’m excited to launch the KB Squad Membership - accessible to everyone. Amazing Success, Amazing Accountability and Amazing Value - only $99.00inc AUD a month, cancel any time. 


Here’s what the KB Squad’s Roadmap Look Like?

Onboarding Call - During your onboarding call we will cover the fundamentals of getting started in the KB SQUAD. 

Some topics we will cover is What is Keto/ What is Low Carb, Introduction to my Coach Connect App & The benefits and what to expect from the lifestyle and How to Start To Use my  3-2-1 of 'Lazy' Keto Method to release your unwanted weight in a healthy sustainable way. How to get the most out of the Squad and tailor your journey. The call may be with a small group of other Keto Buddies Squad starters.


Each weekly session begins with an accountability check-in plus the specific weekly outline.  The KB Squad is about being seen & heard, you are not a number, and you deserve success. Perfection is not required; we aim for consistency.

*Monthly Goal Setting and Action Steps Session – First Week of Each Month

If we don’t know where we are going, how will we ever take steps to get there? Shoot for the stars, and we will get closer to them. Without a goal and a roadmap, we can spend a lot of time taking ineffective actions.  So, each month, we will set achievable micro-goals and design the proper actions steps to achieve success. Your goal and action steps are aligned, and they need to be attainable for you. I will help you set this practice each month, and we will track your action steps during the four weeks; you will be accountable for the goals you set.


*Monthly Success Path Topic Explained with an Implementation Strategy for You – 2nd Week of Each Month

In the second week of the month, we feature a topic part of your success path to weight release. We chat about WHY it is important to you, discuss HOW TO IMPLEMENT A STRATEGY with tips on success habits. We microfocus each month on a success path topic, avoiding overwhelm and creating clarity each month. 


*Monthly Success Path Topic Follow Up Questions & Accountability– 3rd Week Each Month

In this third week, we check in with our monthly goals and action steps; we also follow up on the Success Path Topic and how you are micro focusing on it for the month and answer any questions coming up for you.

*Monthly Celebrations and Reflections with Hot Seat Coaching Session – 4th Week Each Month

We celebrate in the community; we recognise that little steps lead forward to results. We aim for consistency, not perfection, and we love a non-scale victory!  Each month we round the month out by inspiring each other with our stories. PLUS, you get a chance to nominate yourself to be coached through something that is coming up for you. This week each month, you have the option of experiencing the one-to-one coaching techniques that help my clients often excel faster, with more clarity and conviction on their journey.


All weekly sessions are offered LIVE IN ZOOM with a few time/day options. Calls are recorded and replay available. If you are unable to attend, there is a process for submitting your accountability, check-in.


Success Path Topics Include but are not limited to:


*Binge Eating


*Kids & low Carb Keto

*Mindful Eating

*Batch Cooking


*Health vs Skinny



*Eating Out

*How to eat to maintain your weight loss


*Adjusting Protein & Fats


*How to Holiday

*How to break a plateau

*Movement Best Kinds and Why

*Intermittent Fasting


*Extended Fasting

*How to build your green list


*Work the percentages

*Sugar Substitutes

*Rewriting your story


Questions on any of the success path topics can be asked during any Q & A section as they come up in your journey and are relevant to your stage of weight release.


READY TO GET STARTED? Simply drop me an email vanessa@ketobuddies.com.au please include your full name, phone number and country of residence. The process will follow that I issue the first invoice for founding members of $99 inc.  and then we start the onboarding process.

What day and times are the calls held? To begin our founding members KB Squad calls will take place at the following times. If you are in Australia, you have two choices – you only need to attend one. The below table outlines current time zones. As demand grows more times may be added.

Australia      AEDT(Melbourne)

Monday’s   12 Noon to 12:50pm

Monday’s     7pm to 7:50pm

North America EST Sunday’s 8pm

UK GMT Sunday’s 8am


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I can’t come to live calls? Of course, I understand life is hectic and we will record the content section of the calls as well as have a procedure for you to check in with your goals if you can’t make the call. I encourage you to block your calendar on an ongoing basis and show up for yourself as much as you can. The content section of the calls will be recorded and available to you.


What happens if I’m not ready for a success path topic when it comes up? There is great value in building your awareness of the topics, , questions on any of the topics are welcome anytime that is relevant to you. Sessions are recorded and will be available to you in a library for you to revisit as well.


Can I cancel at any time?  Cancellation with 1 weeks’ notice in writing prior to your monthly renewal date.*  You are encouraged to stay three months to see the efforts of your change of habits come to fruition, but you can cancel any time after your first month. *


What is the cost of the Keto Buddies Squad Membership?

The foundation members launching offer is $99 inc GST AUD per month, this is a limited time special offering to my founding members. The accountability membership has been designed to be a value-packed no brainer YES to your health now. Founding members receive the 3-2-1 of 'Lazy' Keto Mini-Workshop included in their first month free. Limited time offer.  If you don't reside in Australia your price will be converted to local currency. Payment is via credit card. No additional credit card fees apply. 


Is there a discount for an annual membership?
The current founding membership monthly investment of $99.00inc GST AUD  is an exclusive discounted offer to founding members. If you wish to pay for an annual membership upfront to bring an extra level of commitment to yourself, I’m happy to offer the founding members 2 months free – the offer must be taken up by 15 March 2022. Please advise me if you’d like this opportunity.


Is there a meal plan? Yes, there is an optional meal plan, and recipes provided. It is very flexible and optional. I will teach you how to build your plate/day using my 3-2-1 of ‘Lazy’ Keto Method giving you flexibility.


I’m vegetarian can I do the membership? Yes, I have successfully coached vegetarians in the ‘ketotarian’ way to release weight and improve their health. I do not coach vegans – sorry.


Do I need to count calories or macros? No, in fact, I do not teach macros or counting calories. I’m all about teaching a sustainable ‘non-diety’ way to life and improving your health and releasing weight successfully.


What happens if I have a question? Questions are welcome, if you are thinking about it, someone else likely is too. You will be able to post in the KB Squad exclusive Facebook Group and it will be answered. If the question is more personal, you are able to message me through my coach connect app or messenger.  You are supported and connected, I’m a person and you are a person, this is not a faceless membership or programme.

What is the difference between the Keto Buddies Squad Membership and the 12-week signature one to one coaching programme?

The Keto Buddies Squad Membership is group accountability and educational programme. Each week there is a structure and content, it allows you to be seen & heard on your health journey with a coach and others with similar goals with great value financially accessible to most people. The membership is open to women and men who wish to release weight using a keto or low carb method. It is for those new to this way of eating or for those who have dabbled but not gotten the results or for someone who had success wanting a tune-up and the accountability to get to the next level.  

Keto Buddies One to One Flagship Claim Your New Body & Mind 12-week coaching programme is a tailored programme to the individual. Offering twelve one to one coaching sessions as well as a ladies-only group session each week. This programme is for the person whose life had been affected by their weight long term. Their weight has affected them physically and emotionally, and sometimes even financially and professionally. They have tried everything, often with immediate success but nothing has been sustainable. This is all about releasing weight differently, addressing the root cause, supporting the heart and mind as well as the body. My method is unique, and it is your game-changer, your life changer! You truly get to rewrite your story.


Can I start in the KB Squad Membership and move into coaching? Yes. At any stage, if you feel you would benefit from a more personal experience, we can have a chat about this; I’m happy to answer any questions.


Can I go from coaching to membership? Yes. The membership is a great ‘alumni’ experience. Perhaps you’ve been on holiday and just need a little extra support for a short period of time. Everyone is welcome to the KB Squad.


Do you have a hybrid solution the low-cost KB squad with some personalised one to one coaching but not the full 12 week one to one programme? Yes, I do offer a 90-minute kickstart one to one session as well as a three-pack coaching session as a supportive add on to your membership if desired.


How long are recording and supporting materials in the library available to me? Any resources are available to you while active in paid membership.


12 Week Claim Your New Body & Mind

One on One Coaching is for you if you have experienced emotional, physical and even financial suffering due to your weight. This is a transformational method where we do the work to free you from past beliefs and habits that hold you back, we work together to set goals and your vision for the future. It frees you from the diet roller coaster, it is life-changing. I don't sell keto this is deeper than just the how-to keto this is designing a happier, healthier version of you, the person you deserve to be. You are a new you, inside and out with this opportunity to be all about you.


Weekly One to One Coaching via Zoom

Optional Weekly Group Session via Zoom

My Keto Buddies Accountability app. with daily motivation, communication support and educational materials

Meal plans, shopping lists and recipes

Private Facebook Group

Payment plans available


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